Tilt 350 PRO Training Gloves - Hook & Loop



  • First Sustainable Eco-Friendly Boxing Gloves
  • A Complete Re-Design – Tilt Technology
  • Best in Class Force Dampening Foams
  • Best Value for the Buck
  • Great for Fitness Classes

·A Truly Innovative Boxing Gloves with a Unique DNA.

·A new design concept that revolutionizes Boxing Gloves, from adidas --- a Brand that knows “Science Behind the Sports”

·The Gloves are made of Vegan Eco-Friendly leather made from sustainable farmed Cactus plant.

·Under the Cactus Leather, to provide additional strength to the Gloves, is a layer of polyester fabric that is made 100% from Post Consumer Recycled Water Bottles.

·Designed to Deliver the punch as Nature Intended it to be delivered. Mimic’s the anatomy of perfect human punch, thereby increasing the power of the punch while minimizing hand / Wrist Injuries.

·Thousands of Hours of Testing by Professional Boxers, World Renowned Coaches, World Champions and Regular Fitness Folks to test fit and Quality Construction of the Gloves.


·The innovative Tilt Design keeps Knuckles in natural alignment, allowing progressive engagement of the knuckles. The Force of the punch is distributed through Carpels and Meta-Carpels according to their Bone density. The Tilt Design allows fist to retain a neutral position without forcing it into a Radial Deviation. A single mold design protects against Wrist Extension or Flexion injuries. The gloves have a wide Velcro closing system at the wrist that allows strong wrist support. The fighting gloves are easy to put on and take off and feature a premium lining inside to provide the most comfort while protecting your hands from blisters and chafing during long gym workouts.

·These Boxing / kickboxing gloves are made from a high-quality Vegan Cactus leather to give them a long-lasting, durable exterior. The outer shell provides great boxing performance. Great for punching heavy bags, mitt training, kickboxing, fitness classes and sparring

·Utilizes Multi-Layer, Multi-Density Foam construction to allow for great shock-absorption, keeping your knuckles and fist safe from damage during extended workouts in the boxing gym.

·These gloves can be used by professionals as well as beginners and amateurs! These Boxing / kickboxing / MMA Training gloves offer superior comfort and can be easily cleaned with a wet towel.


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