adidas Retro Style Ball Bearing Leather Boxing Jump Rope | USBOXING.NET
  • adidas Retro Style Ball Bearing Leather Boxing Jump Rope | USBOXING.NET

adidas Jump Rope - Retro Style, Tangle-free

  • Material reinforced wooden handle
  • Perfect for boxing
  • Adjustable 9 ft cord 
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Smooth & tangle free
  • MATERIAL: Reinforced wooden handles with high-quality ball bearings for a faster rotation. Its leather cord is comfortable and durable ensuring maximum product life and preventing the rope from breaking or cracking.
  • PERFECT FOR: Boxing, workout, fitness skipping, speed training, cardio training, MMA, cross fit. Trains legs and endurance. Strengthens thigh, calves, forearm and shoulders. Improves muscle tension. Take your workout anywhere with this jump rope.
  • ADJUSTABLE: 9 ft cord is adjustable by opening the handle. Adjustment is quick and easy to match your height within seconds.
  • SUITABLE FOR: All ages, gender and level of experience. Appropriate for most heights and skill levels regardless if you're a beginner, advanced or professional level athlete or boxer.
  • SMOOTH & TANGLE FREE: High-quality ball bearings ensure smooth, effortless & rapid speed rotation, avoiding twisting or winding. Tangle-free jumping experience ensured. No more frustration of a twisted jump rope.

adidas retro style jump rope is made of Wood and Leather, offers the look of the 60's jump rope, with ball bearing rotation of modern jump ropes. The leather rope will not tangle due to the ball bearings. This rope is suitable for beginners, mid level and advanced level athletes. The rope length can be adjusted to match your height. Excellent for cardio, endurance and conditioning workouts. 


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